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Chalkboard with the words "Know the Rules" written on it. It introduces my money management rules for trading options.

Money Management: How Much to Keep in Cash?

Money management is the key to winning in the stock market, especially if you’re trading options. That’s because the size of your portfolio is like a reputation. It takes years to build but just days to lose. When trading options, don’t deploy more than 30% of your portfolio at one time.

Dart with some darts on the target and some off of it. This symbolizes that when you pick stocks, you'll hit some and miss some.

How I Pick Stocks and Options

This is a summary of how I screen and select the trades that I send to Antagonist subscribers. My purpose for sharing this is to give you some ideas that you can adopt, adapt, or even reject as you build your own system.

Options and stock trading screen with various charts.

High Income, Low Risk: How to Sell Call Options

Selling call options is a powerful trading strategy that lets you generate income with minimal risk. Since there are multiple ways to profit from this type of trade, you also have a high likelihood of booking a winner.

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