Beginner’s Guides

Learn. Profit. Repeat.

If you want to learn how to make money through stock investing and options trading, this is the place to start. These guides will give you the foundation you need to generate profits, reduce risk, and manage your portfolio.

I wrote each article with the beginner in mind. No jargon or fancy finance-speak. Just clear instructions and examples that are easy to understand and—dare I say—entertaining.

Even if you have a small account and zero experience, you’ll be ready to grow your money with stocks and options after working through these guides. They’re written in order, so begin at the top of each topic section and work your way down.

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How to Multiply Your Profits with Stock Options

  • Guide 1: What are Stock Options? Introduction to Buying Calls
  • Guide 2: High Income, Low Risk: How to Sell Call Options
  • Guide 3: Spread Options: Huge Profit Potential, Lower Risk
  • Guide 4: How to Add Options Trading Privileges to Your Account

How to Manage Risk and Protect Your Portfolio from Market Crashes

How to Pick Stocks and Options

  • Beat the S&P 500: A simple, low-risk strategy that’s completely free and only takes 10 minutes per month.
  • A summary of my 8-step process for picking the stocks and options trades that I send to Antagonist members.

How to Read Stock Charts (Technical Analysis)

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